Black Rock Institute Press

Colors of California Agriculture (2018)

By Peter Goin and Paul F. Starrs

Colors of California Agriculture, hardback (2018), $39.95


By Peter Goin & Paul F. Starrs

Black Rock, paperback (2010), $30.00

Black Rock is a collaborative book by the celebrated geographer Paul F. Starrs and photographer Peter Goin. It is also a major exhibit: more than twenty years of exploring, photographing, experiencing.

Death After Life: Tales of Nevada

By William A. Douglass

Death After Life – Tales of Nevada, hardback (2015), $25.00

Death After Life: Tales of Nevada is a series of 13 short fiction tales by Nevada scholar-resident-writer-academic William A. Douglass.  The illustrations were created specifically for each story from the landscape of the Smoke Creek Desert, Gold Hill, Reno, Gerlach, Pyramid Lake, Lake Tahoe, and beyond. These include images of trophy display walls and trapper tools.

Bombast: Spinning Atoms in the Desert

By Michon Mackedon

Blowing up bombs and planning nuclear tombs in Nevada has left a legacy to the residents, a mixture of loss of innocence and discovery of their own invisibility.

Bombast Spinning Atoms in the Desert

Bombast: Spinning Atoms in the Desert (2010) paperback: $30.00

Bombast: Spinning Atoms in the Desert is a crucial linchpin in Atomic Revival studies. With “an awareness born of deceit” shared by other Nevadans, Mackedon considers the manipulated language and imagery doled out by the atomic industry to make the unsafe appear safe and the unthinkable, thinkable. 

Nevada Rock Art

Designed for the Fine Art Limited Edition book market, Nevada Rock Art is produced at the highest standards of offset printing, using state-of-the-art color presses. There are 1,000 limited edition copies, signed and numbered, bound and slip-cased for permanence and aesthetic appeal.

Nevada Rock Art (2009), $125.00

The essayists are Foundation Professors Peter Goin and Paul F. Starrs, and including Angus Quinlan, Executive Director of the Nevada Rock Art Foundation, and posthumously Alanah Woody, and Mark Boatwright, BLM archeologist.

Nevada Rock Art contains rarely seen images that are themselves artifacts of fieldwork conducted throughout the back roads, valleys, summits, drainages, and mountain ridges of Nevada. From the northernmost wildlife refuge to the sun-blasted southern tip of creosote-bush country, the process of photographing is itself a testimonial to better than two decades of exploring and experiencing Nevada’s beguilingly diverse landscapes.

Changing Mines in America

By Peter Goin and C. Elizabeth Raymond

Changing Mines In America, hardback, $30.00

Changing Mines in America, is a collaboration with a landscape historian, C. Elizabeth Raymond and photographer Peter Goin. Together, they examined the visual and cultural legacy of mining landscapes throughout the United States. The selected sites include: Rawhide, Nevada; American Flat, Nevada; Eagle Mountain, California; Bingham Canyon, Utah; Karnes County, Texas; Mesabi Iron Range, Minnesota; and Butte, Montana.


The Black Rock Institute, based in Reno, Nevada, is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2009, that fosters public interest and understanding of landscapes throughout the American West. Projects and research supported by the Black Rock Institute focus on the diverse and complex reality of western landscapes, which may include sense of place, lyrical interpretation of the nature of mountains and aridity, inquiry into demographic and historical change in the West, or examination of the material reality of physical landscapes.

The Black Rock Institute Press publishes a select list of titles with themes that relate to the American West, Nevada and California, and the border-sharing Sierra Nevada and Cascade Range. With books in development on atomic landscapes, rock art (variously, petroglyphs and pictographs), regions and sense of place, and notable studies of landscapes, the Black Rock Institute Press remains selective in topics published, but balances that with high-quality productions and memorable designs.


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