In 2005, geographer Paul Starrs and photographer Peter Goin purchased LANDSCAPE magazine from its long-time publisher, Blair Boyd, who had acquired the magazine in 1968 from the magazine’s founder and publisher, J.B. Jackson.

Still popular, but faced with financial shortfalls, the magazine ceased publication in 1994. For the last sixteen years the absence of LANDSCAPE from the American and the international scene has been oft-lamented. Anthologies of J.B. Jackson’s work, including LANDSCAPE IN SIGHT, edited by Helen Lefkowitz Horowitz (Yale, 2000), are memorable additions to the scholarly literature, but aren’t the same as the unique range of articles, notes, topics, and reviews from the original journal.

The Black Rock Institute Press, founded by Paul and Peter in 2009, plans on publishing an anthology. The aim is to reproduce the most significant pieces published in LANDSCAPE during its 1951-1994 publication life. We anticipate that about 60-65 articles can be fit in a reasonably priced book, with appropriate scholarly introductions and discussion; all artwork will be included, and we hope, improved in reproduction. 

We expect to have ALL the articles in LANDSCAPE scanned and on-line in the fullness of time; that is a more formidable undertaking, and if you are interested in supporting that with funds or grants, remember, please, the Black Rock Institute is a federally-recognized nonprofit [a 501(c)(3)], and contributions to the Black Rock Institute are entirely tax deductible. Our plans are that, in the next several years, LANDSCAPE will itself rise again, we hope to delight a still loyal constituency of geographers, landscape architects, photographers and other artists, cultural historians, literary lights, philosophers, architects, and friends of LANDSCAPE.