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Nevada Rock Art contains rarely seen images that are themselves artifacts of fieldwork conducted throughout the back roads, valleys, summits, drainages, and mountain ridges of Nevada. From the northernmost wildlife refuge to the sun-blasted southern tip of creosote-bush country, the process of photographing is itself a testimonial to better than two decades of exploring and experiencing Nevada’s beguilingly diverse landscapes.

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Black Rock (paperback)

black_rock_coverThe Black Rock is a desert realm the size of Delaware about one hundred miles north of Reno, Nevada.

Shaped by water, wind, geothermal activity, and human interaction since ancient times, the desolate, haunting landscape nonetheless teems with life in forms that have endured for millennia.

In a brilliant duet, a photographer and a geographer explore this eloquent, enigmatic landscape that has been the focus of study and contemplation by scientists, explorers, naturalists, overland sojourners, and artists.

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Bombast: Spinning Atoms in the Desert

Atomic Nevada: Deceptive is a scary word, especially with hesitation rising about government roles.  Since the start of the Atomic Era in the mid-1940s, the state of Nevada has lived with more than its share of misdirection, with senior figures in the military, tame politicians, scientific boffins, dismissive journalists, and government officials routinely bowing before the nuclear genie.  This book is for those interested in how and why manipulated language and imagery doled out by the atomic industry become parts of our lives.

Bombast: Spinning Atoms in the Desert

Death After Life: Tales of Nevada

The Black Rock Institute Press is pleased to introduce our latest publication by William A. Douglass – Death After Life: Tales of Nevada (2015).


Now available at local book and gift stores in Reno, Nevada, visit a retailer or order your book online.


Check back for news about events, including book signing and special appearances by Author, William A. Douglass.  Please contact Black Rock Institute if your organization is interested in having a guest speaker or hosting a book event with William A. Douglass and his new book Death After Life: Tales of Nevada.


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This project is funded, in part, by a grant from the Nevada Arts Council, a state agency, and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.

The Black Rock (Desert), lecture and book signing by Peter Goin

November 21, 2013: 6:30 – 8:00 pm at the Nevada State Museum in Carson City, NV. 

Frances Humphrey Lecture Series: The Black Rock (Desert), lecture and book signing by Peter Goin, Foundation Professor of Art in Photography and Videography at the University of Nevada, Reno.  black_rock_cover

Nevada State Museum
600 North Carson Street
Carson City, Nevada 89701-4004

Admission: $8 for adults; free for museum members and children 17 and under. Doors open at 6 pm.  

Sagebrush Conversations

Where the Sage Meets the Sky: Great Basin Landscapes

Wednesday, March 7, 3 – 5 p.m.

Nevada Today, Events @ Nevada. In conjunction with the current Special Collections exhibit Where the Sage Meets the Sky: Great Basin Landscapes, join us for a series of “Sagebrush Conversations” as local experts and authors discuss Nevada’s physical and cultural environment. Discussions on this date will be on “Photographing and Mapping the Black Rock Desert” with Peter Goin, UNR Professor & Chair, Art Dept., and Paul Starrs, UNR Professor & Chair, Geography Dept.

Peter Goin and Paul Starrs co-authored Black Rock in 2005, each bringing to the volume their professional strengths.  Peter will discuss his photography for the book and Paul will cover the geography of this most historically important northern Nevada desert.

Amazon.com review of Bombast: Spinning Atoms in the Desert

Amazon.com review of Bombast: Spinning Atoms in the Desert  – By Judy Winzeler 

This review is from: Bombast: Spinning Atoms in the Desert (paperback).  Mackedon is one of a growing number of Nevada poets, novelists, artists and scholars who are recording the nuclear history of the state and nation. Her approach is far-ranging and her book particularly accessible. It is filled with scholarship but is a popular rather than an academic book. An added advantage for busy people is that this book can easily be browsed; each chapter or section can stand alone, and many pages are illustrated with quotes, drawings or sidebars with interesting information. The 23 page full-color chapter on Atomic Pop draws on the extensive collection of artist Peter Goin who was also involved in the artistic design of the book. In short, this is a unique book that draws on Mackedon extensive research of government documents, her service as Vice-chair of the Nevada Nuclear Commission, her rhetorical skills as a Professor of English, and her personal perspectives as a Nevada native.