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Nevada Rock Art contains rarely seen images that are themselves artifacts of fieldwork conducted throughout the back roads, valleys, summits, drainages, and mountain ridges of Nevada. From the northernmost wildlife refuge to the sun-blasted southern tip of creosote-bush country, the process of photographing is itself a testimonial to better than two decades of exploring and experiencing Nevada’s beguilingly diverse landscapes.

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Black Rock (paperback)

black_rock_coverThe Black Rock is a desert realm the size of Delaware about one hundred miles north of Reno, Nevada.

Shaped by water, wind, geothermal activity, and human interaction since ancient times, the desolate, haunting landscape nonetheless teems with life in forms that have endured for millennia.

In a brilliant duet, a photographer and a geographer explore this eloquent, enigmatic landscape that has been the focus of study and contemplation by scientists, explorers, naturalists, overland sojourners, and artists.

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Red Rocks of Nevada Smudged by Less Colorful Graffiti

Red Rocks of Nevada Smudged by Less Colorful Graffiti – NYTimes.com

Nevada Rock Art
Nevada Rock Art by Peter Goin

Nevada Rock Art, the spectacular book published by Peter Goin, under the auspices of the Black Rock Institute Press, includes a chapter by BLM Archeologist and rock art specialist, Mark Boatwright, who is featured in the 06 January 2011 issue of the New York Times. Mark is interviewed there about the abject vandalism of rock art features in the Red Rock Canyon area, near Las Vegas, which falls under BLM jurisdiction.  His chapter in NRA looks at similar themes: vandals modifying and ultimately destroying a long legacy of inscriptions on the land.

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