Black Rock Institute Press


The Black Rock Institute, based in Reno, Nevada, is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2009, that fosters public interest and understanding of landscapes throughout the American West. Projects and research supported by the Black Rock Institute focus on the diverse and complex reality of western landscapes, which may include sense of place, lyrical interpretation of the nature of mountains and aridity, inquiry into demographic and historical change in the West, or examination of the material reality of physical landscapes.

The Black Rock Institute Press publishes a select list of titles with themes that relate to the American West, Nevada and California, and the border-sharing Sierra Nevada and Cascade Range. With books in development on atomic landscapes, rock art (variously, petroglyphs and pictographs), regions and sense of place, and notable studies of landscapes, the Black Rock Institute Press remains selective in topics published, but balances that with high-quality productions and memorable designs.